TN: 1985 Penfolds Grange Hermitage

Perfectly mature, elegant Grange. The nose is calm and even with notes of leather, spice, plum, vanilla and blackberry. In the mouth there are some savoury development traits but the wine remains fresh and vibrant, carried by its sweet, ripe fruits and finishing with good freshness. Structural elements have softened and the wine shows great balance and harmony.

Great note! It’s awesome to see someone opened one!

Nice one mate - I often really like Grange form “lesser” years - much more elegant but still very long lived!

60s - 80s Granges are lovely, aren’t they. I remain quite unconvinced that the more recent versions will end up anything like these. Agree with Paul that often the “lesser” year’s ones suit me better. Have a '92 that probably needs a looking at soon.

Nice note Jeremy.

Agreed Rauno about the older Granges. In downsizing my cellar for an upcoming move, I sold the 1990s and younger but kept the ones from the '80s. I could be wrong and the newer ones may turn out beautifully, but I had to draw the line somewhere and I share your doubts.

Great TN! Sounds like a lovely bottle, Jeremy!

opened a 91 last year, quite monolithic, didnt look anything like some of the great older bottles we drank in OZ

Cant recall ever having the 85. To me most under rated Grange is '89 , hot year but just a lovely drink.
1990 is still rather young, so I would expect 91 to be likewise.

haven’t had it either, just lots of 81, 82, and a few others. Sounds great.