TN: 1985 La Pousse d'Or Clos de la Bousse d'Or

Medium ruby and just starting to brick. The bouquet of damp earth, smoke and a touch of game and violets is so mesmerizing I could smell this all night. Rich, full and long on the palate, all enhanced by a velvety mouthfeel. A bottle drunk some ten years ago was still tannic, but this is starting to enter into its window of maturity.

Awesome note, I’ve had some killer 85 Voillots but no Pousse…

Thanks for the really interesting notes, sounds wonderful. I had the '85 “60 Ouvrees” around 2 years ago and loved it.


the 64 Pousse d’Or wines were near-epiphany wines a few years ago. It’s amazing how long some red Burgs last and even improve. I’ve seen recent offers for the 69s, 85s and 90s–as recent as today from Atherton. They’re getting pricey, though. Thanks for the note.