TN:1985 Domaine Thomas-Moillard Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru Aux Malconsorts

Opened 1 hour before drinking and then poured. Wine is drinking well, however seems to be fading from the last bottle I drank in the summer of 2012, which was more vibrant. Color was light read with very slight bricking around the edges. Still a very good Burg with a light fruit on the nose and palate, tannins are almost gone but with enough acid left to cut through food. I love the wines from this area and this one didn’t disappoint. Cork was almost soaked through, but came out in once piece barely. Some sediment in bottle. (91pts)

I also have a couple bottles of '85 Thomas-Moillard wines in the cellar. I thought the ones I tried some years ago were very successful for '85, in the sense that they had excellent color with no bricking and no signs of early maturity, unlike some of the other '85s I tried.

These wines were made to be aged a very long time-they are really not very nice until they are this age, and 85 is a softish vintage, 88 and 89 Beze are still completely closed. They often do reward in the end, though.

The wines of this producer (Moillard-Grivot, Thomas-Moillard) really need time … I had some excellent bottles from the 60ies and 70ies, although the style is always slightly rustic and old-fashioned … many younger are still ungiving - patience is definitely required.

Good that I read this. I recently bought Thomas-Moillard Malconsorts '96 and Clos de Bèze '90 in a close-out sale, but only got one bottle each. I thought about opening them soon, but better put them away for a little longer. Thanks for the hint.

Agreed with other posters.
Wines from 60s, 70s and most of 80s are fine enough now - and seem surprisingly successful from tougher vintages. Much from the 90s is too hard right now, the 00s too, except for their last couple of years (2006, 2007) where there was some behind the scenes work with Pascal Marchand to make the wines a little more approachable - actually I thought the few 2007s I sampled to be remarkably good…

This was the last bottle I have of this wine. The bottle before was noticeably better then this one, now if this was from the wine starting to fade or just bottle variations is the question. Both were stored identically, in fact right next to each other. Lovely juice though.