TN: 1985 Chateauneuf du Pape

TN: 1985 Bouchard Pere et Fils - Chateauneuf du Pape - Chateau de la Font du Loup

Bottled by Charles Melia of Courthezon. A CdP from a well known Burgundian negociant - how rare! Strawberry red with an onion brown rim. The earthy soft dry nose gives me wild herbs. The mouthfeel shows some mature red fruit sweetness. Savoury and satisfying, this is fully mature.

This is not a negociant wine, but domaine bottled (Melia is the owner) - only distributed by Bouchard P&F - most probaby purchased in bottles and only labelled in Burgundy.
1985 was always a very fine, complex vintage in cdP, but also with good stuffing … the good wines are still excellent, some are great.

Very nice Nicos!!

Garhard, thank you for this information. I thought it might be a negotiant wine because it says “Selectionne et distribue”.

Thanks Don!

Yes, Bouchard maybe selected a barrel or more, advised Font de Loup to bottle it, and shipped the naked bottles to Burgundy to receive a label. Then they marketed and sold it.
Legally a negociant wine, actually domaine-bottled.

Great pics as usual Nicos…what a lovely color too. Was this your dinner wine before stepping out?! [cheers.gif]

Love all your old bottles pix and tns. Im jealous!

Thanks Bob! Yes, this was my dinner wine but I did not step out afterwards. :slight_smile:

My pleasure Andrew!

Lovely mature colors