TN: 1982 Paolo Scavino Barolo Bric del Fiasc

This was so good. It starts off with some tar and spruce like forest smells. There’s some truffle aromas too. With air there a core of black cherry, raisins and burnt fig that intensifies. It is rich and powerful, with great depth and chew. Towards the end of the bottle Indian spice notes came to the fore.

Sounds delicious.

Sounds like a great bottle! I actually enjoy the modern barolos, especially when fully mature.

I would guess this was made pretty traditionally. The modernist movement didn’t really gain momentum in Barolo for a few more years.

Gotta love Scavino although I haven’t had one this old.

good to see a 1982 drinking well, I popped an F Rinaldi a couple of months ago and it wasnt a good bottle, might open another one next weekend

Just so. I really enjoyed this bottle about ten years ago and found it old school. Scavino jump on the modernist bandwagon at some point after this vintage.