TN: 1982 Mouton Rothschild

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TN: 1982 Mouton Rothschild

I read today in another forum that alot of people I respect hang out say

" you cannot hate what you did not deeply love"

when I first started geeking out on wine, around 1996 or so, before most went on the web, I got a copy of Parker’s Buyers Guide.

i studied the thing like the talmud

I had the version that talked of the best wines vintage by vintage as well as the greatest wines of all time.

I tried a bottle of 1985 Cos D’Estournel by the glass at Soho Wine Bar and the doors cracked open. I went back to the note by Mr. P and read “scented” and it all jelled. from then on, deeper and deeper.

I have made alot of friends here, learned alot about wine, and then stopped posting much at all

doesn’t matter why.

but when a half bottle of 1982 Mouton Rothschild is offered up to drink, I can’t help but be struck by the irony or bashert about that particular bottle sitting on my table

Mr. P made his name on that bottle
I think Mark adores this bottle
Jeff Leve adores this bottle

Burgundy really floats my boat but hey, why not

It was as good as said.
Expansive, enormous nose of chalk, cedar, milk chocolate, violets, ash, creosote, currants…the list goes on and on. a bit of a parlor trick to rattle off descriptors

balanced finish and deep palate charge. i would say he had a good amount of pitch too.

It had all of the qualities RMP spoke to me abot in my tattered buyers guide to what makes a great wine. It held my interest. It stimulated the mind and the palate. It aged well (half bottles ROCK). The last sip was the best of all

I don’t give points

that’s the thing.

wine, when great, speaks to me like art and music and love.


you can’t suppress divinity

so I am driving home and i hear one of my favorite songs
clearly a favorite line of all time

" someday we’ll look at this, it will all seem funny "

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I felt a great disturbance in the force…
Obi Wan Kenobi

I think I am going to like it here

or maybe it won’t get deleted

I see the layers of the post.
the powers that be may not

consider it my open letter to RMP

it was a mighty convoluted and nice wine

Nice post, Rob!

Nice notes and good thoughts. Thanks.

Rob a great post., I actually purchased that wine in 1985 at Sherry Lehman’s in New York for about $42.00 a bottle based upon a review of the vintage in the New York Times. It was and still is one of the great young wines I have ever put to my lips.
I had not yet heard of Robert Parker when I bought the wine. I later discovered the name of Mark Squires since we were both practicing Attorneys in Philadelphia, PA, although we have never met. I sadly did encounter Jeff Leve on the Squires Board, who when afforded the ability as a volunteer moderator to control the flow of thought and content on that site did his best to chase me off of it simply because we disagreed.
Welcome to our board. We do not have eminent and esteemed wine critics here providing buying guidance and bi-monthly tasting notes, but we are able to civilly discuss great wines like the 82 Mouton and share tasting notes as well as reminisce of the times and people with whom we shared them. [cheers.gif]

Lovely, and deep note, Rob. Welcome aboard.

Rob, I’ve never had the 82 Mouton, but that note and prose you threw done were excellent. Well done!

Methinks we have a poet on our hands, fellow Berserkers…

Hey Rob, Welcome.
Great note.

Great post Jack. That was me behind you on line at Sherrys.

Rob; That is a beautiful, thoughtful and poetic post…I see no reason whatsoever that it should be deleted from any board. In a response to your original post another poster mentioned something along the lines of…“I wish this board would go back to discussing wine” (I am paraphrasing). I couldn’t agree more. I love controversy and honest discussion but in today’s world I still believe that wine should be, first and foremost,… fun.

Marshall [cheers.gif]

I wish I had known Mike, I would have opened one with you. You would not be loving Cabs as much today.

Great post, Rob! And thanks for posting it here where I can post too.

Another line from that great song:

“My tires were slashed and I almost crashed but . . .” I landed here.