TN: 1981 Vouvray

1981 Philippe Pollet - Vouvray: Demi-sec

Popped and poured. I fancied a decent white to pair with the poached haddock and green beans starter. Clear amber colour. Subtle nose of fine honey and citrus. The mouthfeel is vibrant and alive, toffee and butterscotch, fresh backbone of acidity, seamless. A lovely fully resolved mature Vouvray.

Thanks for sharing–and including a picture of the cork! Do you know the full provenance of this bottle? I’m new to drinking older whites and, frankly, have had more negative than positive experiences. That said, this compels me to dig even deeper…Outside of a sauternes, I haven’t had the opportunity to try anything older than about 20+ years. I’m truly surprised (and encouraged) that a 34 year-old Vouvray can still show so well.

Hello Robert,
I purchased this bottle in France. If well stored, Vouvray can age very well.