TN: 1980's Ridge Cabernets

Purchased from Dick Krueger of this board from his cellared Cabernet Program (since discontinued by Ridge) wines.

1983 Jimsomare Cabernet Sauvignon (10.8% abv) - Best old cork I’ve ever seen. Saturation was literally 1/16". The wine was youthful and vibrant. Color was dark ruby fading slightly to light ruby at the rim. Nose was of dark fruits with accents of earth, vanilla and cedar. Plush mouthfeel. Lots of layers and complexity on the palate, including a nice brambly quality. Amazing for its age and perceived breeding.

1983 Santa Cruz Mtns. Cabernet Sauvignon (11.5% abv) - This was 10% Jimsomare and 90% Mt. Madonna vineyard (~30 miles south of the Ridge estate). Similar in overall profile except a bit lighter (red fruits more than black) and a touch less muscular than the Jimsomare. If the 1983 Jimsomare was a burly, still young man, this was his sister. More elegance and finesse.

1987 Santa Cruz Mtns. Cabernet Sauvignon (11.9% abv) - 81% cab sauv and 19% cab franc. Lots from Jimsomare and Monte Bello vineyards. Much younger than even the Jimsomare, this also had a degree or two more complexity and structure than either of the preceding wines. Graphite, cedar, tobacco accenting the nose (the bouquet was soaring from the glass) and palate that was mouth-filling with a spectacular finish.

Three winners from Mr. Draper. Thanks to Dick for offering the chance to savor these wines. [cheers.gif]

Wow, nice lineup Steve. I was lucky enough to have the '83 Jimsomare earlier this year and I would concur with you. Terrific wine.

Hadn’t heard of the Mt Madonna vineyard before though. Do they still use it?

Dick would probably have a better idea, but I don’t recall seeing Mt. Madonna listed on any other bottle. It is not listed as being utilized currently and I can’t seem to find anyone growing Cabernet Sauvignon on Mt. Madonna anymore googling, etc.

Interesting, I have a bottle of '83 SCM that is actually declassified Monte Bello.

I suppose the Mount Madonna could be Bates Ranch. Don’t know of any other possibilities." onclick=";return false;.


Glad you enjoyed the wines, I don’t remember any regular use of Mt. Madonna fruit.

The '83 Montebello was declassified by Ridge after the CP shipments were out.

Dick - Glad you found the notes. With the rate notes get posted here, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Three down, nine to go. :smiley: