TN: 1978 Oddero Barolo

I went out with Alan Gottlieb and a couple of other friends to Antica Posta for some wine and food.
This was a bottle Alan brought along with a stunning 1997 Giacosa Asilli and a 1988 Poggio Antico Brunello.

1978 Oddero Barolo

Oh. What a nose. Wonderful, sexy red/black fruit that is coated with white truffle notes. Some roses and tar too. Integrated. Intoxicating! A beautiful palate of red/black fruits that is completely resolved. Wonderfully balanced. There is a softness now that lets you know that this is a distinguished older lady. Burning long on the finish. This is extraordinary. Profound.
It is better than my 1958 I had for my birthday a year or so ago.

Thanks Alan.

Nice note Don. Sounds like you hit a great bottle. I’ve gone through a bit more than a case of this and have had great experiences, but not yet profound.

I helped to organize a dinner with Isabella Oddero last time she was here in New York, you can find my notes here.

I’ve always enjoyed Oddero’s wines. They used to be the kind of wines that were easy to dismiss in their youth, but with age blossomed into classic wines. They are made in a more accessible style today, really can see that change in the last decade, but remain among my favorite estates.

Thanks for the note. I feel inspired to pull a few oldies from the cellar!

I have only experienced the first part. I can’t recall ever being impressed with an Oddero, but I would like to be.