TN: 1975 Freemark Abbey "Bosche" Cabernet Sauvignon

Consumed on 8/26/17
1975 Freemark Abbey “Bosche” Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
Back in the 1970s, this was considered one of the premier Cabernets of Napa Valley but times have changed and it has become something of an afterthought. A few weeks ago, one of the folks in our group brought in a Bosche from a recent vintage and it was fine but nothing special. On the other hand, 8-10 years ago, we found a 1968 Bosche on the list at Bern’s in Tampa and it was terrific. Not long after that, I bought a case of this 1975 from Sotheby’s at auction at a price which reflected its diminished status but hadn’t tried one in years. No problem because at age 42 it is still in great shape. It revealed an excellent fill into the neck, deep ruby color, and a complex, spicy perfume. This led to a smooth textured, nicely balanced wine with layered fruit and a lengthy finish. Tasted blind, I might have guessed it was 15-20 years of age. My score 92 points

First year of that drought produced some long lasting memorable wines, glad you are still enjoying one. Sounds like the 1975 Caymus SS, Mondavi Res and Martha’s have a sidekick.

We had the regular 78 Freemark CS bottling a month or two ago and it too was awesome.

I had not realized Bosche was a special bottling all the way back in the 70’s

For some reason I thought bottling it up on its own was a newer idea.

I’d certainly add the 1975 Phelps Eisele to your short list (and their regular Napa Cebernet was pretty damn good for $5 a bottle). Sterling also made a terrific Merlot.

I enjoyed the excellent 1978 Eisele, but have not had the pleasure of the highly praised 1975 crossing my lips. The Napa has eluded me as well.
Ric Forman had success in the mid 70’s at Sterling, the 1974 Res Cab is another fav.

Had several bottles of the 75 Freemark Petite Sirah - took more than a decade before you could see through it! Excellent wine!

Very cool tasting note, Jay!

To my understanding, Freemark Abbey’s “Bosche” was a Titan in the 1970’s. I am happy that you had the chance to scoop up a case for a reasonable price, as I would certainly think the wine would be drinkable for many years to come. :slight_smile: