TN: 1971 Huet Le Mont Moelleux 1er Trie Vouvray

Had this Saturday night at a 40th Birthday Dinner for my wife and I. I was lucky enough to source a couple of bottles of this.

Amazing, amazing stuff. The color was just beautiful - pure caramel. I do not have a lot of experience with aged dessert wines, but this was stunning. Honey, apricots, caramel with nice floral notes. A real long finish. Not as sweet as I was expecting, but still had a lot of structure and plenty of time left. Just a treat. Have half a bottle left and am going to savor this over the next few days.

I will definitely be buying these wines on release and aging them.

Wow,fine,hmmmm…Thanks for the note.
i bought last weekend two 1989 cuvee constance.

Buy the latest release now, and on your 80th birthday, you will be able to replicate the wonderful aged wine experience you had today! [cheers.gif]