TN: 1971 Bodegas Toro Albala Montilla-Moriles Don PX Gran Reserva

  • 1971 Bodegas Toro Albala Montilla-Moriles Don PX Gran Reserva - Spain, Andalucía, Montilla-Moriles (8/29/2009)
    Opened for my Birthday on Aug 14th drank about a 1/3 and recorked. Have had it sitting out on the counter for the last two weeks and this wine has not lost a step! Inky black color the color of old engine oil! the nose has raisins and mollasis! In the mouth it is dominated by Raisins and prunes, brown sugar and a bit of fig! Very thick in the mouth, with a finish that last well over a minute! I have had this wine around 10 times and it never disappoints. (92 pts.)

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Do not expect to die anytime soon.

A few years ago I opened a half bottle of the 1975 Toro Albalá PX Gran Reserva on a ski trip in Utah with a few friends and it was delicious. A year later I went to visit my friends again and they served it to me blind and asked me what did I think of the wine and I told them it was great. To my surprise they kept what was left over from my previous visit in 2004 and it was still alive and well. BTW, it was kept on a closet without climate control.


Thanks for the note, Sean. I look forward to opening one.

Jose - I’m surprised to hear it lasted a year without refrigeration. That’s kinda scary, but it seems my five bottles will take me until my 100th birthday, at least!

Is this not very typical for such a wine - IIRC they can go many years once opened. The sugars and oxidation are so extreme that nothing more can happen to them anyway, right?

I think this wine and roaches will survive a nuclear attack! It really seems to be almost indestructible!

There is always the danger of someone misunderstanding the wine…


These wines are completely oxidized (the Pedro Ximenez grape is a white grape) and I have been told they are indestructible. As good as the 1971 is, the 1972 is even better… if you can find it. I think I have one of the last bottles sold in the US.

Some people hate this style of dessert wine… or at best tolerate it or mock it. Personally, I love that motor oil sugar rush.

+1. I think they’re quite nice.