TN: 1970 Themed Bordeaux Dinner (Latour, Forts, Ducru, Batailley, Chappellet)

1970 THEMED BORDEAUX DINNER - (1/21/2023)

  • NV Bruno Paillard Champagne Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Extra Brut - France, Champagne
    This pours medium straw in the glass. The nose is of biscuit, mint, lemon curd, crushed rock and a touch of auotlytic pastry. The palate enters on rich vanilla wafer with dosage that feels like 7 g/l (spec sheet afterwards reveals 5 g/l) with acid that I wish was just a little higher, perhaps only medium to medium plus. The finish is moderate in length showing biscuit and lemon curd. All in a all this is a very nice and enjoyable Champagne from Bruno Paillard, though I don't think I'm as hot on it as some of the critics and I don't find this to be a terribly strong value at $90 CAD. (92 points)
  • 1970 Château Batailley - France, Bordeaux, MĂ©doc, Pauillac
    Medium shoulder fill. This pours light garnet with medium plus bricking. The nose is of iron, leather, raisin, dried dark cherry, sundried tomato, and tomato leaf. The palate is in tact with bright dried red current fruit, with medium minus tannin, medium acid, and a finish that really shows the mature character of this wine with dried fruit and leather closing things out. All in all perhaps a little bit of of a disappointment from this bottle, but still enjoyable and fully mature, drinking just fine. (91 points)
  • 1970 Château Ducru-Beaucaillou - France, Bordeaux, MĂ©doc, St. Julien
    Medium shoulder fill. This pours light garnet in the glass with medium bricking. The nose is of pencil shavings, tobacco, dried red cherry, peonies, gravel, celery seed and black currants. The palate enters on bright acidity with lovely tobacco character. Low tannin and medium acid. The finish is medium plus in length and closes nicely replaying much of the nose. All in all this was another bottle that was just a touch behind expectations, but by the same token was perfectly serviceable. (92 points)
  • 1971 Chappellet Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley
    Fill level in the neck. Cork only 3/4 stained. Impressive condition. It pours medium ruby in the glass with light bricking. The nose shows a youthful blend of cassis, dark cherry, pomegranate, eupalyptus, chai tea, fire pit, and a touch of green bean. The palate enters on the bright cherry fruit, with medium minus tannin and medium acid. The finish lingers nicely, medium in length. All in all this is a lovely old school California Cabernet, certainly youthful in the company of the wines pours against it. (93 points)
  • 1970 Les Forts de Latour - France, Bordeaux, MĂ©doc, Pauillac
    Base neck fill. This pours medium ruby with very light bricking. Impressive color for the age, definitely a great bottle. The nose is absolutely stunning showing sweet cedar, exotic spices, animal fur, plum, dark cherry, cinnamon, and violets. The palate is liquid silk showing lovely cherry and plum with sweet cedar and violets harmoniously closing things out. The tannin is medium minus with fine grained texture and medium acid. The finish is very long and complex displaying the lovely seamless fruit and spice profile of this wine. All in all a wonderful surprise, way ahead of my expectations and easily the best second wine experience I've ever had. Really impressive how close in profile and quality this is to the first wine in this vintage. What's fascinating here is the bottles visually looked very similar, same importer tag, same bottle condition and fill level. However they came from different sources, one a private cellar purchased on release. The other from auction. Just a wonderful wine. I didn't catch the price, but I'm sure a relative bargain given the quality of whats in the bottle. (95 points)
  • 1970 Château Latour Grand Vin - France, Bordeaux, MĂ©doc, Pauillac
    Base of neck fill. This pours medium ruby with very light bricking. The nose is absolutely profound showing dark cherry, cassis, light roast coffee, cedar, peonies, rose petal, blood orange, sandalwood, crushed rocks, and pipe tobacco. The palate is stunning and extremely elegant prominently featuring blood orange and cherry with a seamless velvet texture. The finish is very long replaying all of the nose on a wonderfully long and kaleidoscopic finish. Just profound stuff and easily the best Bordeaux I've had in 5+ years. While this is drinking incredibly well right now it's also amazing how the aging curve is gliding along so gracefully. It's the kind of wine that's timeless and was probably great 20 years ago and will be just as profound in 50 years. What a great experience and a reminder of just how great Bordeaux can be in the hands of the best producers. This bottle in particular was in absolutely perfect condition so I really can't imagine a better showing. (98 points)

Cool. 2 great wines of the Bordeaux vintage there in Latour and Ducru.

My last bottle of Ducru 1970 was at the beginning of the end. Not as vibrant as previous bottles, but after opening was pleasant enough, but I have a note to drink the last two bottles within the year.

Montrose 1970 is showing beautifully.