TN: 1970 Magdelaine (I get the hype, now)

My very limited prior Magdelaine experience: An over-the-hill (but still drinkable) '86, a very good (but not profound) '03, and an excellent (but perhaps not ready yet?) '00. All within the last year.

This '70 was in excellent shape. Astringent and harsh upon the initial sip. Needed an initial ~30 minutes to wake up, and then, wow. Steadily improved for the next 30 minutes and then held on over the following hour. Herbs + spice + leather. Fruit that’s right at the intersection between red + purple, still present. Still a little bit of tannin hanging on, too. And maybe a tiny bit of unexpected salinity.

All the tasting notes are technically accurately relaying my experience, but also selling things a bit short. The sum of the parts was exceptional, and added up to a greater whole. This is the first time I really understand what everyone’s getting at. Depth and complexity and layers, without any heaviness. Lovely stuff.

I have a few bottles of '08 that I’ll let sleep for some years, and I’ll try and track down some other vintages in the meantime.


Welcome to the club.
1970 is one of my favorites, and I am glad you had the time to allow it to show its charm. I have found that most Magdelaines need time; around thirty years in the bottle and plenty of time in the glass.


Welcome! We need a club name, like the Magdelaine Mavens. Beware: it’s a slippery slope! Next to the 82, the 70 is probably my favorite Magdelaine.

Magdelaine Market Movers!

'70 Magdelaine was one of the best wines I drank in 2022.

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Maggie Groupies

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The Merry Magdelaines

Hope not

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The Magnificents

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The 3M’s.