TN: 1970 Freemark Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon Bosche (Napa; 13.0 ABV)

Perfect cork (saturated to 1/4 inch from the end), perfect fill (into the neck).

Opened with color of cheap garnets (brownish tinge), a whiff of Oloroso on the otherwise closed nose, and pronounced, clipped acidity. This wine transformed in the first half hour. Gorgeous, clear Bohemian garnet robe to the meniscus. Leather, earth and pencil on the nose, and the fruit on palate developed to display rich blackberry and cassis, with a persistent layered finish finish of great delicacy, with fully resolved tannins. I never cease to be amazed by the transformation of certain wines within the first half hour of losing the cork.

This almost 40 year old wine resembles a 20 year old from a great vintage, and is ready to rock. Properly maintained bottles should hold for another 5-7 years or longer.

Straight A. I have a 1978 Bosche standing up for th3e holiday season and hope that one shows as nicely.

Merry Christmas, all

A great note David, I love the older Bosche’s. I still have a 74 I’m waiting to try.

Will the newer vintages of Bosche hold up as well?

We did a Bosche vertical a few years back. Nothing really stood out except the 1970, so I would keep fingers crossed when tasting the 1978.

have had the 1992 a few times the past 18M and loved this wine.

The 92’ Bosche was one of the wines I cut my teeth on when I really became seriously interested in wine. It was an incredible wine about 4-5 years ago when I drank my last bottle. The 94’ was the last vintage I’ve had and was enjoyable but not to the level of the 92’. Too bad they fell off the table quality wise for the last several years. I’ve heard that things have turned around, any thoughts on that?

David; Thanks for the note!!! Drank my last bottle about three years go…one of my absolute favorite California wines of all time!

Marshall [cheers.gif]

Good note David. Thought the 1970 Freemark Abbey Bosche was an ok, pleasant wine. What was definitely nice about it was the lack of jammy cooked fruits you tend to get from several of the Bosche’s during the 80’s. It was mature, more refined style, earth, minerals, good structure, toned down fruits and fortunately, not oxidized. Agree also, that is did not drink like a 40 year old bottle.

Find the Freemark Abbey wines to be a little more hit and miss in terms of ageability however, compared to some of its peers. Not sure it quite has that special thing you get from an older good year of Montelena, BV Georges de Latour, or Heitz Martha. The 1970 being the exception in terms of Freemark Abbey, tend to like older Sycamore over Bosche.

Thanks, Nick. FWIW, the 1970 Bosche that I had was much more than “OK” and “pleasant”. Makes the case for “great bottles”