TN: 1970 Chateau Calon Segur!

One of the oldest wines I have ever tried. Label in pretty rough shape but the fill was into the neck and color was perfect (almost too perfect for a 49 year old wine). Cork was not completely soaked through but close? The nose was beautiful and got better in the following 30-45 min. Ceder, allspice, leather and plenty of black fruit. An outstanding wine!
Now for the real surpise, I enjoyed this in a restaurant and it was only $45! Part of the Troquet “Summer Wine Sale”.
After searching the wine bezerker board for Boston restaurants, Troquet kept popping up, so we gave it a try. Food was great, service was great and the wine was the best. We plan on returning soon.

WOW what a steal and a great note. I’ve enjoyed that one before but sure didn’t pay $45. Nice work!


Nice find and nice note!
I really like older Calon–though I’ve never had one that old.

Great find indeed! Nice note Diane!

awesome find!