TN: 1969 Trockenbeerenauslese

TN: 1969 Pieroth: Langenlois Sonnwendberger Kirchengarten - TBA

I fancied a decent wine to pair with my Chinese meal. The dry cork crumbled a little but I managed to extract it. I do love the old school highly decorative label, especially the ma so that I can see where the wine came from. The deep amber colour shows gold at the rim. The nose reminds me of toffee apples with a hint of espresso coffee, and charcoal before I light it for my bbq. The palate is sweet but not overtly so, and the respectable acidity keeps the palate fresh. Seamless dried fruits and toffee taste, thesis a gorgeous old treasure that I thoroughly enjoyed drinking, with or without food.

Wow, that’s some color, glad to see it was still alive.

Thanks Michel. It was quite tasty!

cool bottle!

You enjoyed it without me? Sob!

But, seriously, glad it showed so well for you, Nicos. Great TN as always.

Best for the 2015 year to you and your family.


I would have enjoyed it even more with you Mike. :slight_smile:

My sincere wishes to you and your family for 2015.