TN: 1967 N.Rhone white

1967 Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd - Saint Joseph Blanc

My third and last bottle of this rare wine. General consensus that I have read over the years is that wines like this need to be drunk young, eg within 5 years. Berry Bros. & Rudd have a stellar reputation for their UK bottlings of wines. The cork came out almost in one piece. A rich golden colour with no cloudiness. The nose reminds me of fresh almost ripe lemons and fresh green almonds straight off the tree. The mouthfeel is full bodied, tangy and with a hint of tangerine. This is not just drinkable but most enjoyable and pairs well with my seafood stirfry. The previous bottle I drank seemed even richer on the palate, but I was pleased with this bottle. Old bottles of wine continue to surprise and delight me.

Dumb question, is this marsanne, rousanne or both? Or neither?

No idea. You need to ask Berry Bros.

Certainly not neither - most probably BOTH … and usually more Marsanne!

Intersting - I´ve never had such an old white St.Joseph - Hermitage, yes, Crozes-H. yes, but my oldes St.Joseph blanc was 1978 so far.
Yes, they can be intersting and enjoyable …

Wow, look at the color!!!

Thank you Gerhard!

Drew, a pristine bottle.