TN: 1967 Barbaresco

1967 Giordano Giovanni & Figli - Barbaresco

I had stood up this bottle for 48 hours prior to opening and decanting. The small yet dense cork had done a good job and came out in one piece. I decanted it and drank it slowly over 5 hours to gauge its evolution to air. There was plenty of sediment in the bottle. The initial colour was a clear terracotta - this was more orange than red. The nose was the haunting tar and pot pourri, with a hint of roasted chestnuts, that I find on most old N.Italian reds from Piedmont. The silky, savoury mouthfeel lingered with a hint of sweetness on my tongue. With time, the nose certainly declined in intensity while palate had a marginally longer finish. Lovely on its own and perfect with Scottish crab and chilli ravioli.

Thanks, Nicos! Very timely for me - I have one of these lined up for the near-term.

Appreciate the note. Being a '67 myself have always struggled to find good birth year wine. Port and Coonawarra Cab has been the best bet in the past.

Impressive work on these old corks. You don’t even use a Durand.

Interesting pairing. Sometimes it doesn’t sound like it should work in theory but somehow does so well in practice you wonder why it isn’t common knowledge.

Yes I could see that food match working well, but only with subtle chilli - I’m not a fan of nebbiolo with obviously spicy food.

Much better experience than the 1978 from this producer we had almost a decade ago - that was definitely fading.

My pleasure chaps!

Ian, the chilli was subtle and the pairing worked well.