TN: 1966 Blandy Madeira Sercial (Portugal, Madeira)

  • 1966 Blandy Madeira Sercial - Portugal, Madeira (6/19/2010)
    Beautiful amber brown colour. Nose gives candied fruit and caramel. Excellent balance on the palate, with only enough sweetness to balance the powerful caramel/coffee/citrus flavours. Alcohol does not stand out and is balanced. Finish is very long, really lingers on the palate. Suggest drinking as an aperitif or with a meal that has the right ingredients to balance this powerful wine. This wine is good to drink now, but will keep practically forever. (93 pts.)

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Sounds beautiful. I am trying to build up a small stash on vintage Madeira. Love the stuff.

Yep, it’s great stuff. Check out some vintage Malmsey if you can find it. I really like the richness of a Malmsey, although this Sercial was pretty darned good too!