TN: 1965 Nervi Gattinara (Italy, Piedmont, Northern Piedmont, Gattinara)

  • 1965 Nervi Gattinara - Italy, Piedmont, Northern Piedmont, Gattinara (12/3/2022)
    Smells of antique furniture, decaying rose, ginger and dried fruits. The palate is quite full and heady. It is unctuous of texture, builds and finishes with some wild herbs and earth. Length is excellent and it is an ethereal drink that absolutely over-delivers.

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How did you prep the bottle?

Sounds like it was in far better shape than I would have expected, Jeremy. Nebbiolo has this magical way of surviving.

Beautiful. This reminds me of the question of whether the 2016 Nervi Conterno Gattinara would be for drinking now or a long ager. Those Alto Piedmont wines can really go the distance.

I’ve bought a lot of those old Nervi wines over the years. My success rate has been quite high. Thanks for the note, J.

Hi Patrick, stood the bottle up for a few days to settle the sediment, and gave it a long decant. It got better and better in the glass.

Tom, I have had so much success with aged Nebbiolo from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and not just from the grand years and makers. Nebbiolo is a strong beast.


Wonderful wines. I’ve had the 55 a couple of times.