TN: 1963 Graham's Vintage Port

Femininity and elegance, what a wine! Quite pale color, but much red, not entered the tawny stage, yet. Christmas spices and raisins mixed with dark berries on the nose; in the mouth there are more dark berries, sweet and very long, actually some freshness, wonderful balance. Devoid of any hard edges. The alcohol is barely noticeable, exquisite finish. 96p

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Thanks for the note.

Only had this once, and thought it was fabulous also.

I’ve been lucky to have had this many times and it has never failed. IMO one of the top bottles of Vintage Port from the vintage.

Have one stored away that I hope to open in about a year or so… Hope it lives up to the one that you had.

Andy, how would you rank the 63’s? I have set up a December vertical for myself containing the Graham, Taylor, Fonseca, Croft, Noval, and Ferreira with the aim of following each bottle for a few days.

A few days of “following” may be optimistic. While they won’t be horrible older VP’s are generally best within 24 hours, out to about 48 hours. After that you may see some very noticeable deterioration.

Your line up is very nice. Don’t know what order you plan to taste them in, but if it was me I would put them in this order.

Ferreira, Noval, Croft, Taylor, Graham, and Fonseca

The Ferreira is a very feminine style, much like Warre’s is, so shows softer. But an ex-cellars bottle I had this past summer was very impressive.

Noval (the regular, not nacional) has some noticeable bottle variation. From soft and elegant like the Ferreira to hot, spirity, and lean.

Croft can also be very good from well stored bottles.

The other three speak for themselves LOL.

What time should I be there for this? LOL [cheers.gif]

Day 2: Deeper fruit, but at the end of evening 2 perhaps a little bit more alcohol is evident.

Thanks for the notes. I was looking for a birth-year wine for my wife’s upcoming celebration. I found a nice looking bottle at Rare Wine.