TN: 1947 Vienot Richebourg

Almost orange in color. Fragrant bouquet of damp earth, rose petals, tangerine peel, and hints of faded red fruit. Elegant and silky, with flavors of red cherries and violets that persist. The silky texture really carries this in the mouth. Nice finish. This was a thrill to smell and drink for an hour before it faded.

Once upon a time Vienot was more widely available, and affordable, but almost impossible to find today. I’ve had great bottles from the '59 and '61 vintages, and even remember a decent Chateauneuf du Pape from this producer (maybe doctored with Pinot Noir, ha!).

very cool. Great année. So hard to find this old stuff now.

Great catch. If I remember correctly, this is the parcel that’s now exploited by Grivot…
Vienot was mainly a négoce house, but they had some domaine vines too - including this…


This is one of the best old time negociants to me that did have some property too. I always seek them out when given an opportunity which is not too often. I have enjoyed the 1955 and 1959 Richebourg in the past from Vienot. The 1955 I had on a couple of occasions and it was absolutely terrific! This 1947 sounds like a marvelous experience. Thanks for this note.

To utilise - especially for profit - yup - that’s Grivot :slight_smile: