TN: 1943 Graves Blanc

1943 Selection Rothschild - Agneau Blanc - Graves Superieures

I spotted this rare old bottle in a store in France some time ago and bought it immediately. Its colour, rarity and a chance to taste it were the driving factors. I had driven the bottle home with me and waited for the right moment to open it. Today was the day.

I managed to extract the cork in one piece and it had performed its task admirably. The bright golden amber really surprised me and I was now even more curious. The gentle yet expressive nose gives me plenty of dried peaches and apricots, a faint sweetness and a dry herb element. A few sips took me to a place I wanted to be. Waves of dried fruits intermingled with hints of marmalade and fresh acidity. Never tired and with a sparkle in its eyes, this seventy three year old wine waltzed across my tongue with faultless precision. With air, the mouthfeel felt sweeter and even more alive. To stop and think about the conditions this wine was made in, and how it has survived intact all these years, is humbling beyond words. An incredible bottle which I have been privileged to enjoy. It was an excellent pairing with my poached sea bream.

Thanks, Nicos.

Very nice Nicos! The color is amazing.

Hi Nicos…what is the reference to Agneau Blanc?
1943…year of my birth [cheers.gif]

What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing Nicos!

Congratulations, Nicos! What a great story and such a poetic tasting note. The wine gods smile on you!

You’ve outdone yourself, brilliant.

Lucky you!
Thanks for notes.

Beautiful photos. Thanks for them.

No idea about the reference Bob. I guess that Sir Mick Jagger is proud to share his birth year with you. :slight_smile:

I have bought many 1948 Agneau Blanc. Some had low levels and some were fantastic.

I see a difference between your bottle and mine.
Mine has “Graves” and “Sec”
Yours has “Graves Supérieures”. And generally, “Graves Supérieures” corresponds to semi-sweet wines.
Your wine was a slightly liquorous wine, when mine are dry.

Happy to see that I am not alone from 1943, like Mick Jagger, Johnny Halliday and bob parsons alberta !

Thank you Francois, that is helpful to know.

Great notes, Nicos. Fantastic experience with an ancient white. And you are a magician in extracting old corks intact.

Your bottle, cork and wine glass photos are superb. Could you share some information about lighting and technique? Thanks in advance.

Thank you Stuart. Simple photos using LED lighting, an iPhone and steady hands.