TN: 17 Jaboulet 'Pierre Aiguille' [Gigondas]

17 Paul Jaboulet Aine ‘Pierre Aiguille’ [Gigondas] I’ve been getting slowly back into PJA’s wines after what feels like too many underwhelming examples in what should have been good years e.g. a weak Les Jumelles Cote Rotie in 99 and 03, average at best Parallele 45s in many years, a tired estate reconditioned 78 la Grande Pompee St Joe, kind of eh Thalaberts and so on. Even flagships that friends poured like La Chapelle didn’t excite me. But one of their small domaine’s - Raymond Rourre - got me to reconnect and I opened a young PJA Gigondas on a rainy, windy weekend to consume over a few nights. This 14.5% abv is a rich, vibrant Rhone that is quite good wine that is worth checking out for SoRho enthusiasts, even those biased against negociants. And although 2017 is not a monster, collectible vintage it’s certainly successful and given the improvements at PJA, 2017 is worth checking out for those who drink the stuff. I get a raspberry jam note on the nose, a clean palate (filtered?) that belies any of the 10% mourvedre here (no dog/barn notes), and although JLL says this cuvee gets some new oak, I don’t taste any. Good 30 second finish. 3500 cases made, and $20 at some merchants now. Supposedly the importer is switching over to another firm so there isn’t an obvious place to look at tech sheets, but its well regarded by critics, and readily available at the moment. I agree with the consensus on this and give it a A- in my ledger. Their huge lineup isn’t universally available in my area, but I’m going to be buying a few more of their wines going forward. The changes seem to be leading to improvements in the glass…

Thanks for the report. I don’t believe I’ve ever had the Pierre Aiguille.

I thought PJA turned it around, at least with their higher end bottlings, around 2007-2010 after the Freys took over

Yes, that’s what I’ve heard/read too but it seems to have taken some time for merchants in my area to pick up any of the vast range of bottlings in between the ubiquitous Parallele 45 and (top end) La Chapelle.