TN: 15 Dom. Louis Clerc 'Syrah' [Vin de France]

15 Dom. Louis Clerc ‘Syrah’ [Vin de France] This is an understatedly named/labeled 300 cs production wine that is mostly declassified Cote Brune from Cote Rotie AOC, mixed with a little older non AOC syrah. This grower has only been bottling under their own name for maybe a decade or two; I have never tasted their regular Cote Rotie. For a warm year, the wine is only 12.5% and is cool, savory, and AFWE. No sediment, medium bodied, but decent color. I opened it on a Friday and had a glass by itself, and the same way the next night. It was very zippy, underfruited, lean/taut in those samples. On day 3 after having breathed for a bit, and being served outside with a platter of charcuterie, it finally opened up and tasted decent. The nose is white peppers and fading flowers. Not a long finish, and more saline than fruit, but all in all it ends up being an “ok” wine, but not one I’d repurchase. It was a C grade wine upon opening, but after 48 hours, it slots into the B- level. Perhaps those who like more classic styled No. Rhones will enjoy this mini C-R. Their terroir looks pretty steep.