TN: 11 Sette Ponti 'Crognolo' [Toscana]

11 Sette Ponti ‘Crognolo’ [Toscana] This bottle was some of the detritus resulting from cutting losses (early) in the Premier Cru fiasco. Rather than enjoying some Climens, I settled on this when I exchanged prearrivals, since it seemed acceptable, and was in stock. I had this 14+% abv effort over the last few days; it’s mostly sangiovese with a dollop of merlot, but given all the oak treatment, and international styling it doesn’t taste very Tuscan to me. It’s more chewy oaky Bordeaux blendy in flavor, than anything with regional typicity. Maybe I’m just down on it since looking at the bottle, and the PC import sticker, still makes me made, even though my economic losses were modest, and more of the ilk that I didn’t get $40 Climens and took stuff like this in exchange. It’s an ok wine, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to drink it again. I’d give it a B. It seems like others are much higher on this, especially for the value.