TN: 11' Clos Rougeard Breze

11’ Clos Rougeard Breze- We had this with copious amounts of oysters, probably not the best choice but fine enough.
I have to say that I love Chenin, I love all iterations but I have never had one like this…

Darker color than I would expect, more gold with silver rim, stood out in the glass. The nose has a whiff of rose pedal, expensive oak, spice, ripe peach, honeycomb, nuts and stone fruits. On the palate this has great mouthfeel, weighty with being weightless, so precise and layered with stone fruits, chalk, minerals, great acid that carries through the long finish.

This wine is outstanding, I never understood how people could compare this to PC Burgundy but this made me a believer. If I can find more I would buy it in a heartbeat and as much as I could. WOTY so far…

Frankly I’ve never understood why “the best chenin blanc”-“the best marsanne/rousanne”-“the best riesling” has to be touted as PC or GC white burgundy, but there you go, many people selling these need to make comparisons that everyone can agree is a gold standard bonafide. These wines are made with different grapes that can stand on there own pedestal without need for a nod to Cote d’Or.

Lucky you get to taste the Breze. I haven’t even seen a bottle offered in several years, regardless of price.

Well, I agree with you that I tire of people comparing wines to PC Burgundy, but it really did taste very similar, I was just surprised as I’ve never had a Chenin I would ever say taste like Burgundy, but this one did.

I was really lucky on obtain in this bottles as I was able to get 2, never had it so thought I would give it a go.

SommPicks (no relation) looks to have just secured this wine and other vintages, though at a premium that prices me out:

Missed out on the Breze for the current release for now… the base Clos Rougeard and the Poyeux are of course outstanding with the former being more approachable right now. The Poyeux was one of the “cleanest” expressions of pure cab franc that I have tasted in quite some time… Clear that it would benefit with an extended decant (we might have done 30 min… it definitely opened up more during that time frame, but could have stood more) or forgetting about it in the cellar.