TN:10 Juve Y Camps 'Reserva de la Familia' [Cava]

10 Juve Y Camps ‘Reserva de la Familia’ [Cava] The label says gran reserva brut nature on the top, but I’m not sure that means anything for the official name. Large production, vintage cava, 12% abv, crisp and dry. Very fine bead. We were having knockwurst cooked over green beans in an iron pan, so needed something to cut the grease, and this worked admirably for that. Lighter bodied and drier than the California sparklers we sometimes enjoy. I’d get this again, and even let it age a little. These are handy to keep around the house during the holidays. It’s a B for me. Supposedly the winery has been around since the late 1700’s and this is made in the Champenois methode (secondary fermentation in the bottle. Seems hard to believe given the production quantity.

That’s how I’ve felt about most of the various Juve Y Camps I’ve had over the years. Worth grabbing a couple bottles when you see them, but not worth searching out.