TN: 09 Durand 'Lautarets' [St Joseph]

09 Durand ‘Lautarets’ [St Joseph] Dark purplish hue, still quite primary in color. Nose is flint, minerals, and wet slate. Then some Italian herbs on the palate, along with plums. I had made a tangy bucatini with goat cheese for supper, and wanted a zippy wine to go with it. The SO wasn’t drinking – and she won’t drink No.Rhones – so I figured this would be my chance to open this, rather than a Chianti. It’s a good food wine, but also has enough standalone flavor/body to be enjoyed while prepping everything. I think this gets destemmed, and a bit of new oak treatment, but its well balanced, and doesn’t feel overtly modern/international/OTT to me. This 2009 is drinking great now, so enjoy it. Sadly, this almost doubled in price for the 2015 vintage, so I didn’t get any. I guess that’s the recurring story of all the AOC up there. A- in my ledger, and nice enough to be a Saturday night wine. The last glass on day 2 has a heavy amount of cloudy sediment, but tastes a little denser and better than earlier ones.