TN: 08 Vilmart Grand Cellier D'Or

if this is indicative of the 08 vintage, I am getting in line tomorrow. Really a wow wine. The exuberant fruit is kept in check by acidity and fine mousse and the length is endless. There is great intensity to this wine that slams through the palate into the brain. Amazing.

I had this a few weeks ago. No note, but I agree that this was pretty stellar. I will be lining up for this now and Coeur de Cuvée 08 on release.

behind me. No cutting in line.

I regret not buying some from PC when they had some in stock.

Thanks, Alan. I have a few of these to look forward to – will open one soon based on your note!

Thanks for the tip, very good to know. I’m a big Vilmart fan, so I’m in line behind you and Jim.


This 2008 is extremely likable. The bottles I have had have shown steely yellow citrus fruits and are stacked with great drive, acidity and precision. All common traits of the house style, in my opinion. “Slams through the palate into the brain” is a great way of putting it, Alan. Thanks for the note.

I tried a number of 2008 Champagnes in October, and was universally impressed.

The 2008s from Pierre Peters are also stellar. The Roedered Rose is amazing. Etc.

Loved this when we visited there fall of 2013. Sadly, after having bought some bottles directly (for 29 euros), it’s now painful to have to pay the freight here in the U.S.

+1. We had a lovely visit there in 2011 and bought some killer wines for a fraction of what you find them for here. All were outstanding. Sounds like I need to pick up some '08.

Yes, but where do you find it? It’s gone from the market from what I can see…

I agree on the Roederer Rose. Two different labels though, based on release. Wine much the same.

Also Pierre Peters L’Esprit very good. Can’t wait for the Chetillons. You can bet it will be expensive.

Going to try one at Valentine’s Day dinner. Thank you for the idea.

I’ve had this 4 times - it’s tough to keep my hands off these. Focused, plenty of fruit and acidity, a little of the barrel aging coming through. I hope I’m in front of Alan Weinberg in line because there won’t be any left!!!

Glad to hear this is showing so well. Thank goodness I had enough sense to grab a 6-pack. Now I just need the fortitude to let them sleep for 5 years.

Have any of you tried both the '08 and '02 and if so how would you compare them?



I’m cutting the line.

Simple. 02 is fleshier or plumper, 08 more precise and acid driven.

I have found that a reliable rule is that if Jerry Hey or Todd Waldmann like a wine and it’s within financial reach, get some.

Thanks Peter. Sounds like they are both consistent with their respective vintages. I drank an '04 last night, also drinks like it should for the vintage, less fruit more acid as compared to '02.

Sounds like I may not be a fan of '08 as I prefer my Champers a little sweeter and less steely. One Chef de Cave at one of the bigger houses told me he is not a fan of '08 as he considers it a high acid, low fruit vintage much like '88, another polarizing vintage.

“Precise and acid driven”? [swoon.gif] I bought 2 of these just before Thanksgiving and had you to try one. Love all the great feedback here.

Russ, I bought so much frigging still wine in the past 4 weeks (all that mailer crush that hit at once), I am on a spending stand down but when it lifts in 2 weeks, then it’s time to scream outloud, “more Champagne, here I come!”. [thumbs-up.gif]