TN: 08 Sauzet Montrachet

no premox here and tight as a coiled spring at first. Opened up nicely and became a really grand bottle full of power and finesse, needs another decade or more to strut its stuff completely. Pretty stunning tonight, though.

Glad you had a good result. A bottle we had 4 years ago was nice but clearly in both serious decline and in need of being consumed. Not a complete loss but way far off what it should have been.

Great stuff Alan. Rather fond of Sauzet when they are on. Would love to taste their Monty some day.

What Kent said, and thanks for the note, Alan.

You were 2 for 3. Always great in baseball, and now grand cru white Burgundy. Sounds really good.

had an 07 montrachet last month (or so). It was nice but I thought it had a very very strong oak treatment on it.

I guess you couldn’t get into your cellar and just HAD to open this since it was closest to the door! Glad there was no premox with this one.

Sauzet’s Monty is so good when its on. A 2001 a few years ago was near perfect white wine for mine.

2007 seemed to be the vintage Sauzet got started to get their mojo back…but a bit oaky for sure.

The '08 Monty is a very good wine, and the '10 Monty is even better!

Not tasted the 2010 Monty but the Chevalier was nice.

got a single of that 10 Monty–need another decade? Will likely use it to get in to Din Cornwell’s Burg dinner next year.

Paul - I think Sauzet made outstanding '06s in the context of that vintage, so would pull the mojo period back a year.

Yes, I think it will be better in 5-10 more years for sure (if it holds up), I guess that is more the issue, although the bottles I have had of the Monty and they Chevalier have all been very good, and drinking pretty well now.

The '07’s seemed to turn quite fast, so I drank up my remaining few. Hopefully the '10’s age somewhat better.

Avoided buying most '06 Whites Rauno (including Sauzet, although I probably have seen one or two, would need to check notes to confirm) so I can’t say for sure, but '06’s in general have aged better than I would have thought initially…