TN: 08 Billaud-Simon Clos

way young but damned good. Tight lemon and tangerine without much minerality, but tightly wound and full of promise. Rainwater and citrus, needs to fill out a bit, but a good quaff tonight. Underrated producer.

This is my favorite characteristic from wine of the grand cru slope. It imparts a unique tactile sense along with the aroma. I only note it consistently from 4 producers, and this marks them as the best. For me at least.

Likewise is Samuel Billaud. Maybe even more? His Clos is flirtysmile

Yesterday I was baffled by pickle juice. Today I am baffled by rainwater.

Owned by Faiveley now. I’m sure the wines will get even better.

Perhaps my favorite Chablis producer once you get past Raveneau and Dauvissat. Thanks for the note.

Under-rated producer???

Rainwater is a term used by many and implies a clean fresh taste, a refreshing purity to the juice. See it more w Chablis than other whites.

You disagree?

Thanks Alan.

A recent bottle of '14 MdT from them was mighty impressive. They have been a very good producer for a long time.


after twice tasting 14 MdT, I bought a bunch of it. Agree with you, Mr. Holmes.

Yes, this thread should be forbidden says my wife as I have just ordered a box of M de Tonnere and a box of Mont du Milieu 2014… . Sad and weak.

Perhaps I should have been more clear; I meant that the producer is quite highly rated.

Now officially under the Faiveley umbrella . I bought some 14 Montee de Tonnere. Looking forward to trying that.

Rated perhaps. But still flies somewhat under the public radar. Good for us.

They are selling in the Fevre price range, so they’re not really under the radar in that respect either.

Substantially cheaper than Fevre for me.

OK. I’ve never noticed it, and it seems pejorative to me. Watered is not a characteristic I would have associated with a good wine, but I now understand your more impressionistic use of the term.

A few show up occasionally at the local Monopolista. You may be right about public awareness , or lack thereof, but I’d say that goes for most quality Chablis (as opposed to basic Chablis).
At the risk of causing confusion, but since Samuel Billaud was mentioned here, an agent here is also bringing in his wines. Now that is under the radar!

IMHO Samuel Billaud (who was in charge at Billatud-Simon in 20 years) makes a far better les Clos in the vintages I have tasted them both. ( 2010 and 2014)