TN: 07 Selvapiana "Petrognano" [Pomino]

07 Selvapiana “Petrognano” [Pomino] Although its not labeled as such on the bottle, this is a village Tuscan wine made by the Selvapiana team. It’s 14% abv, and is mostly Sangiovese with a dollop of merlot. My bottle is very evolved, turning dusky brown at the core, with light edges. Beef blood and leather on the nose. Nice verve, pairs well with some goat meatballs I broiled. There is still a touch of dusty tannin on the mid palate, which at age 8 for something like this, is surprising to me. I like it more than the SO. The finish is a balanced 30 seconds, not heavy or cloying. It tastes like an honest Tuscan wine, whose sharper edges have been deburred with the addition of French varietals. I do not hear 07 Tuscan wines mentioned over much on these boards, but it seems to have been a solid year, if not at the levels of the 06’s. Personally it’s a year of events to remember, so I’ve been experimenting with small, lesser known wines from Tuscany, Piedmont, or the Rhone. And if they have some depth, put away a few for the longer run. I liked this, but wouldn’t buy more, as I think its already fully mature, perhaps even tilting downwards. This is a screw cap bottle btw. I love that modern scientific closure, no matter what the swarthy Portugese cork mafioso may try to say. It gets a B in my ledger.