TN: 07 Coudelet de Beaucastel [Cotes du Rhone]

07 Coudelet de Beaucastel [Cotes du Rhone] This is the rouge. 14.5% abv. Popped and poured, enjoyed over three days, best on day 2. Rosemary, provencal spices on the nose. Full bodied, still pretty dark purplish hue, no lightening on my example. Good equilibrium between acid, tannin, fruit, alcohol. Finish is pretty long 40 seconds. Oenophiles who like the 2007 So. Rhone style - big, jammy, chewy ripe - will like this. It’s a pretty good example I think, although I wouldn’t accuse it of elegance. I’m running out of CdR level wines from this vintage, but am looking forward to reloading with 2015’s. I hope pricing is favorable – Coudelet is usually good value but the trade and consumers know how reliable and ageworthy it is. It would be a touch competitor in a blind tasting of peers. I’d give it an A- – great stuff for holiday kitchen quaffing. It was actually better than our holiday wine, to my tastes, although the SO would disagree.

I know its location is well known to enthusiasts, but for those unfamiliar, here it is on a map. It’s right next to Beaucastel’s CNDP AOC entitled vineyards, and I’ve heard that sometimes declassified vats are sent into this blend.

Thanks Arv, I’ve got a few left. Generally an excellent value especially in the better vintages.

Great note. Ripped through a case of these over the years. Coudelet can age longer but they were immintlebtly enjoyable at years 5-9.


I opened one of these up on Thanksgiving (after the 2005 Beaucastel was corked [swearing.gif] ). Although it lacked a bit in complexity, the 2007 Coudelet was thoroughly yummy and paired perfectly with Turkey dinner.