TN: 06 Walter Hansel Cuvee Alyce, 04 Fiddlestix 728, 06 Linn

First tasting note on this site.

Drank 1/2 of each Saturday night with the wife.
Drank the other half of each Sunday night except for some Fiddlestix tonight.

2006 Walter Hansel Cuvee Alyce Chardonnay
I am normally a big fan of this wine. Each night there was too much lemon for my taste. Lots of finish. Liked it better upon release, hope I didn’t miss it cause I loaded up.

2004 Fiddlestix 728 Pinot
Last bottle. Consistent soft entry, very dark and deep for a pinot, more plum than cherry, then a spicy long finish. Too much the first night, better the second night, best the third night, much more integrated and the spicy intense finish calmed down. Think I drank these too young.

2006 Linne Calodo Problem Child
Not as dense as the 04 I had recently. This is like a junior Saxum. Not very complicated. Smooth and tasty both nights though. The $30 I paid is about the right value.

Welcome, Randy!

Is the 728 named as such for a clone?

Damn Randy, the 06 WH Alyce was one Chard I loved and loaded up too!

Todd, IIRC the 728 refers to the mile marker (7.28) on the Fiddlestix vineyard road. This is the one Fiddlehead wine I’ve ever seen in Boston - actually that exact vintage is still for sale here locally.


Not sure what is going on here. A real beauty on release. My analogy: If the great Aubert is a sixteen pound bowling ball, then this wine is a fifteen pound bowling ball, i. e. just a little lighter. Anyway, the Meyer lemon is really prominant right now.

I also bought the 07 and will try one soon.