TN - '06 Rousseau Clos St Jacques

This has the some similarities with the '01 but it is a much better wine IMO. It’s too bad that the price has run away…

’06 Rousseau Gevrey Chambertin Clos St Jacques-
Gorgeous and complex nose of deep, floral blackcherry fruit combined with the airy earthy minerals of the Combe. On the palate this is a beautiful and fresh middleweight with great intensity but no weight. There is a whiff of oak on the nose and palate but this is already wearing it well. The '06 is stylistically similar to '01 with great beauty and precision but it has more intensity and wears its oak much more deftly. I adore the beauty, precision and weightless intensity here. To nitpick, there might be a very slight dryness on the finish, but this is absolutely terrific Clos St Jacques.

Funny, for some strange reason, I can’t lay my hands from 06 burgs and your note makes me feel i’m not the only one… There’s something hypnotic about Chambolle and Gevrey, that makes me wonder, how they going to age, they’re so sexy at the moment.

Amen, this is a beauty. Have you tried the 06 Rouget Parantoux or the Liger Belair Reignots? Both real beauties in a similar vein.