TN: 06 KB, 05 Nido, 05 Bone Rock

06 KB Sonoma
A lot lighter than the last bottle I had. Definite bottle variation. Pleasing nose of bright fruits and a hint of cola but not much on the palate. Even after some air. Missing that big cali pinot thing. Oh well.

2005 El Nido
The nose is huge, as usual. Full of dark brooding fruit, smoke, and some grilled notes. The palate, however, has taken a bit of a red characted that wasnt there before. Still mouth coating and a little chewy, still some chocolate flavors but the acidity was turned up a bit in this particular bottle. Made it feel less “chocolate shake” and more shiraz like.

2005 Saxum Bone Rock
Ironically, this one has gotten darker and sweeter. Nose of plums and blackberries. Warming, huge palate with some figs, plums and dark berries. A little heat, and some solid tannins. Lots of baking spices.

R.L. Buheler Fine Muscat
I think one of the reviewers over there gave this a 96 or a 98 a while back. Anyway, the nose is all figs and heat. The palate is a little hot also with more figs and a lot of maple syrup. I think this would be better reduced and over vanilla ice cream than as a dessert wine. Too Cloying.

KB, El Nido, Saxum flirtysmile Dude, I think we’re twins that were separated at birth!

Humberto likes 'em big. Thanks for the notes.

You a red headed Puerto Rican too Brian? If you are, Ill worry :wink:
We do have scarily similar palates [tease.gif]