TN: 04 Ramonet Batard Montrachet.

wife said to open more Ramonet–we had an amazing bottle of 05 Cailleret recently but split with 5 others and she barely had any. Had no more of the Cailleret so Batard it is.

It has the classic rosemary-mint Ramonet nose and palate–lean but deep, powerful wine with citrus and a bit of mineral, herbs. With air the wine tightens and becomes even more focused.

This wine needs more time but this bottle won’t get much more.

So what did Denise think?

When Ramonet is on, it is nearly impossible to beat.

Good bottles of 04 have been a real treat.

2nd time in a couple weeks! You must have a lot…but, of course you do.

she was quite happy with my choice and, yes, I have a fair amount. But 2010 is my last Ramonet vintage–got too expensive after that.