TN: 03' Vietti Brunate

03’ Vietti Brunate- I’ve had this one lined up for a while, seeing as it’s 03’ I figured it would be an over the top rich extracted wine…I really have to stop presuming things.
Color is like new with a bit of nebbiolo color at the edge. Nose is all perfume, roses, licorice, tar, perfume, roses, licorice, tar, perfume, roses, swirl and repeat about 30 times. This wine is pretty primary with a couple of basic ingredients showing up but very lovely.
Dusty tannin, powdery in the mouth with moderate acid and great texture.
Way too young but way too delicious, this wine, in a way is perfect. It has everything I love about nebbiolo in spades and I didn’t have to wait 20 years to get it.
For lack of better depth in this vintage I think the 03’s are really drinking well (not tasting everything, but tasting 10-15), I don’t think I would hold them for 50 years but for drinking in the next 15, they are in their sweet spot.

I tasted Scavino Bric del fiasc 2003 earlier this week and our impression was in line with yours: 2003 is very tempting now but got better with some time in the caraffe, georgeous nose (obviously modern) and a nice sweetness and no dry tannins at all

Sounds great and shows once again what great wine makers are capable of doing even in tough conditions like the 03-weather [welldone.gif]