TN: 01 Roulot Luchets

bought on release or shortly thereafter and still w the $49.99 price tag on it, it was still a lot of money back in the day. Worth it, however. Great nose with white flower and citrus, echoed on the sharp palate with great focus and drive, not at all nutty, but a hint of smokiness and minerality with the citrus. The wine is drinking above its lieux dit standing, will last another decade or more, and is a lovely Meursault. Fills the mouth as it recruits all the taste buds to sing in unison, a fun wine. Just opened, it will be served with a roasted stuffed Cornish game hen and enjoyed over the next couple hours.

nice note.
Pricing and availability have changed quite a bit in the last 15 years.
Was this a Kermit import?

I’m starting to think Roulot killed it in 01.

A 01 Tessons recently was stellar.

The MP was also amazing.

Atherton Wine Imports via Wine Exchange.


Mmmmm…you had me at Roulot! :slight_smile: