TN - '01 Potel Grands Echezeaux

Sometimes I wonder if Grands Echezeaux gets underestimated due to the proximity to its even more illustrious siblings (LT, RSV, Richebourg, RC). On its own it is such a compelling wine and IMO every bit as exciting as the Grand Crus outside of Vosne.

'01 Potel Grands Echezeaux-
The very exotic, spicy and slightly gamey nose is multidimensional and enticing. This is exceedingly elegant on the palate with resolved (at least for me) red fruit and loads of spicy complexity. There is a bit of Brett and the oak is fully integrated. This is a perfectly poised and very balanced example of this vineyard that lacks the depth and dimension of the best Grands Echezeauxs, but is still very enjoyable. Drink now to 10 yrs.

Thanks for the note. Of the less expensive GE, I really like Potel and Drouhin. In particular, both have a very nice (if not earth shattering) 2006, with I think Drouhin being the slightly better version.

Interesting. The Potel RSV from '01 was very disappointing, IMO.

If I am not wrong, there were rumours that Potel bought his grapes for the RSV and GE from Leroy or something like that. Did anyone else hear anything similar?