TN: 01 Lambrays

firing on all cylinders from the get go, the wine tightened considerably after a couple hours, but it is lovely. A
great Pinot bouquet, dense palate of plums and red fruits mixed with blue fruit. Acidity, balance and length were all very good. This is a wine with a bright future. Wife gave it a thumbs up. This is a kh* favorite and I am glad I bought it.

*Kevin Harvey

Reminds me of one of my fondest “I remember whens”, I remember when this wine could be found for as little as $69!

Had this last month. 'twas tasty.

Not opened my case yet, £35 a bottle delivered.

I have a few. Wish I’d bought more. Thanks for the update Alan.

Sounds like a beauty. I haven’t had it and don’t have it. [head-bang.gif]


Might open one tonight…

I just tried an 03 and loved it.

Thanks for the note. 01 Lambrays got me hooked on Burgundy.

Thanks Alan, one left. I’ll try to get to that mythical 20yr old Burg drinking window with it but not very likely.

Just checked my records - bought these for $55 on release!

Anyone know how the 02 is doing? I bought some through Garagiste years ago for $55!

Thanks for the update! I look forward to popping one of these once I am able to drink again!

Also excellent.

2 in the cellar, but I need a backhoe to get to it.

That’s right. It was an even better deal than I remembered. I didn’t get $55 but I did buy at $59. Bought several cases and wish I’d bought a lot more.

Beautiful wine and was showing quite well when I had it last year.