TJ's Blue Shrimp in Marinara Sauce on Penne Rigate w/Red Chassagne-Montachet

Last night’s diner was TJ’s Blue Shrimp in Rao’s Marinara Sauce, seasoned with granulated onion, chervil, oregano, and a little granulated garlic; on Rustichella di Abruzzi Penne Rigate. The pasta was finished at the dining with a mixture of parmagian reggiano & pecorino Romano and chifffonade of fresh basil. We very much enjoyed a 2002 Chateau de Maltroye Red Chassagne-Montrachet ‘Les Clos de Chateau de Maltroye’ with the pasta. I had decided not to have a Barolo with the pasta, so I found this in the cellar.

Then for dessert we had a very ripe Bosc pear with Banfi Grappa di Montacino. This made a good finish to a nice meal.

Dick, is there any reason you use so much granulated onion and garlic?

I know you like Trader Joe’s a lot. I HIGHLY recommend buying Dorot herbs instead. They are just as convenient as granulated (just keep 'em in the freezer) and they come in a little tray, like ice cubes. The quality is far better than dried, IMO. They are in the froze section – probably not far from the blue shrimp.

This is what I’m talking about:

I enjoy the flavorr of onion and garlic. I haven’t seen the Dorot herbs in our TJ"s.

Dick – They taste nearly as good as fresh, plus they are convenient with no spoilage. I’d ask about them at the front desk. Because of the size of the package, it’s possible that you just missed them (they don’t take up a lot of room). Every Trader Joe’s in Chicago carries them and I’ve even seen them when I’ve traveled outside of Illinois.

Mebbee he just happens to like the powdered stuff.

It’s crossed my mind after reading some of his posts.

And on a completely unrelated note, this is how I feel after reading about Dick’s dining adventures…

I use both fresh and granulated onion and garlic in my cooking. For pastas and other quick dishes I use granulted; I use fresh for longer coking items.