Tipping question/dilemma

Let’s say I got a bottle of 2012 Bouchard Montrachet for $38 dollars and took it to a restaurant that charged no corkage, but when I opened the bottle it was premoxed. I still drank the bottle. Also I poured the waiter a taste. Glassware was provided, but I brought my own stems. I used their decanter but poured it myself. My total bill was only $6 as I only ordered fries. I did ask for a glass of ice water, hold the ice though and add a lemon.

How much should I tip the wait staff?


That’s a paddlin’

If he had the privilege of tasting a premoxed wine, why would he need a tip?

If you can afford premoxed Montrachet you shouldn’t even be asking this. Shame on you. Where’s that feather duster?

Considering what you’re already tipping on the dog-food looking lettuce cups, I’d say Mr. Chow’s already has enough of your money.

25% of meal cost if good service

reminded me to detail meal cost add a few extra issues that would help flesh out the question



Serious question: did you bring your own potato?

no, but I did bring my own ketchup

Should not have drunk the premoxed montrachet. Should have ordered iced tea.

Did you give the waiter a taste? How much is corkage for Heinz?

Gotta make it rain bruh.

Only one solution - dine and dash

Are you a member of the Bouchard wine club? And if so, will they send you a new premoxed bottle?

The waiter should pay you for the education about premoxed Montrachet.


Was the Montrachet en magnum?


$100 - but ask if they validate