Thursday night dinner... pick food or wine first?

Thursday night dinner, or Friday en famille, do you generally:

  • A. Pick a bottle, then decide what to cook or order
  • B. Decide the food, then pick the bottle

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I got to thinking about this after the thread on cellar diversity, and began to wonder about larder diversity…

More often than not, the wine choice comes after deciding what’s for dinner as what to eat for dinner tends to be a more collective family decision rather than a unilateral one by me. Though, there are times when I, or others in the family, want to open a particular bottle(s), so I’ll curate food around that

Food needs to be newer than the wine. That is my criterion.

Food 1st then wine.
Of course champagne goes with everything!

So what do you serve with a century egg?

The pedantic in me wants to retort saying century eggs aren’t actually a century old [snort.gif] but if you want take it literally, some madeira could do the trick neener

While I expected B to predominate, I’m a bit surprised by the zero for A, this is a wine forum! I was expecting a few wine first people here.
I may have done this poll wrong (my first poll!) … may have been better as ‘how often do you pick the wines first’ ; never / occasionally / often / always.
I’m somewhere around occasionally. As chef I get to make the meal decision and there’s usually at least a couple of options in the fridge as well as several in the freezer - steaks and chops bagged for sous vide, stews sauces etc.

I think that once one has procured enough wine, and that doesn’t have to be very much, they have enough diversity in their collection to be flexible on a casual night. Now, I would bet most of us, when we open a special bottle, do plan the food around or after the wine.

Food first 100% of the time in the scenario you described. Only time I pick the wine first is if having friends over and there is a wine theme agreed upon ahead of time.

In all my years of cooking and wine drinking, I don’t think I’ve ever planned a menu around a bottle of wine. I always select the menu first, then open a bottle that would go well with the food. With my luck, if I ever built a menu around the bottle it’d be corked or pre-moxed!