Thrown of the Screaming Eagle list for flipping!

Sell it to china and no winery will know. Duh!

It’s their wine and it is their right to not sell to me. Would I like to stay on the list yes, but that’s their choice. I was trying to move the discussion more toward what effect this could have on the secondary market if people are afraid to sell or post their wines for sale. I have no issue with the right of Screaming Eagle or any winery to sell or not sell me wine.

Dude, are you serious? I don’t even know what Screagle sells for on the mailing list these days. $500 a bottle, maybe? So I ask you, what percent of Screagle do you think gets consumed by the people who buy it from their mailing list?

They are selling the other percent to those who have it as an investment.

This is like saying that buyers of gold, can no longer flip it. What would that do the price?

Screaming Eagle just went on my Boycott list, the very first entry.

I know at least two other people that were eliminated from the list for this same reason and they were selling at cost and not for profit. First rule, when buying your allocation…ship it to yourself and NOT to the person you’re selling it to. Second, don’t post sales on the boards. They read the boards more than you know.

Just following the discussion idly, but I don’t see the BS argument. Even if Steve knows SE has a policy against flipping, as long as he is selling them at at cost for the reason stated, why shouldn’t he remark on SE’s action?

The ironic part is I do drink their wines. A few years back a did a off line at EMP. I contacted the winery about back vintages. Charles Banks who was the owner at the time graciously traded bottles with me so we could have a 97 for the dinner. Does he get thrown off the list.

I think he threw himself off the list!

+1. Ridiculous.

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Good, then they can read this:

Screaming Eagle, go f**k yourselves.

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Many of the people who flipped their wines purchased for one reason and one reason only, to flip and make a bundle. My guess is the winery could care less about keeping them as customers on any level.

Arrogant Bastards

trading and flipping seem like two different things to me.

Did you ever sell their wines at a profit?

Not Stone Brewing…Screaming Eagle

If that is the case, then they can read my post and go get ****ed. Greedy SOBs.

Why are they greedy SOBs? Isn’t it rational to say, “We sell our wine for $100 [or whatever] even though it can go for $150 in the secondary market. We think it’s a better long-term strategy to build a loyal base of customers who actually drink our wine. We’ve got a waiting list, so we don’t need to subsidize flippers who probably don’t care about our product by selling to them.”

It’s just like Springsteen (and others) fighting scalpers because they want their tickets to be (at least relatively) affordable.

I never said it doesn’t raise the price. Long term, I don’t think it helps sales, especially in the wine business. Scores drive sales, loyalty drives sales, making good shit drives sales, and being a collectible for whatever odd reason drives sales. Flipping just raises the monetary value and the gains for someone else. If screaming eagle somehow magically managed to kill all flipping they would still sell through unless the critics suddenly hated it or they started making plonk. Someone is buying at the other end of the flip. I think the price is 750. Someone who buys the stuff can correct me if I’m wrong. For the record I’m not bothered by flipping, it used to piss me off when I had to pay a premium for Sqn but if I needed the money I’d have no problem with selling my wine for whatever the market allows.

I am going to go on the other side of this argument. I have no comment on the OP or SE…but I have been on a list and received a small allocation and no ability to wishlist (at least be granted wish list) and then I go to commerce corner and see 7 people selling their offers with no intent to buy, or drink, just stay on the list for some perceived future reason. I have often wished they would simply decline to buy, so people who actually wanted to buy, could do so from the winery. And no I dont want to buy it from them on the secondary market.

To me you are either interested in the wine, can afford the wine, and intend to drink / hold the wine, or you get off the list for those who can/do.