Thoughts on the Bouleys?

Anyone have experience with both Reyane/ Pascal Boukey and Thomas/Jean-Marc Bouley and care to give me thoughts on how different their Clos des Chenes would be?

I tasted Jean-Marc Bouley’s 2010s at the Paulee in NY in 2013 and thought they were excellent. I have no other experience with either producer.

I’ve found the older JM Bouley to be hit or miss before Thomas took over, at least the Volnays. I recently had the '05 Clos de Chenes and it was a train wreck. The '05 Volnay VV was very good and a '95 village Volnay was very good last year.

My experience with the R&P Bouley’s is very tannic and backwards, almost Barolo-like. J-M much friendlier. I haven’t had either at maturity.