Thoughts on the 2007 Napa vintage

I have had about 6 different 2007 Napa cabs, ranging in price from $50 to $150. I am struck by the unique taste profile they all have so far exhibited. There seems to be a more medium bodied quality to these wines and a taste profile that often reminds me more of a CdP than a Napa cab (perhaps this is why RP likes them so much?). So far I am underwhelmed by their current drinkability. Maybe it is just me, or the particular wines I have tried, but I am hoping that unlike many other recent vintages of Napa cabs (2001 to 2006) that were often lush and concentrated tasting on first release that this is either an issue with sampling error or drinking them too young.

The few '07’s I have tried have all been quite enjoyable to me. I prefer a more elegant, floral, and complex Napa Cab than an extracted and bold one, so perhaps that’s why I seem to enjoy them.

I went all in with Lewelling’s 07 vintage, and might crack one when they arrive. I also took some Rivers-Marie cab (4 bottles) for the first time because of the '07 vintage - that is one I should really try, as I have them here. I also ordered some of Fred Scherrer’s cab.

The winemakers with whom I have spoken about the '07 vintage seem to universally state that '08 will be even better in Napa for cabs.

I don’t know about better, but definitely the same quality. I had several barrel samples of '08 cabs and they were very, very good.

2007 across the board has been exceptional for me from barrel to bottle. Quick list of things that I have had in the past three months that stand out:

Realms, all of them (did not get a chance to have the BTK yet)
Alpha Omega Cab, Era, Proprietary Red and BTK
Anderson’s Conn Valley Eloge, Cab Reserve and Right Bank
Larkmead Estate Cab
Outpost Grenache, Petit Sirah and Zinfandel (no '07 cabs tasted)

Todd - are you certain that it was Fred Scherrer’s 2007 cab? I tasted at his place 2 weeks ago, and the only 2007 he was pouring, was the Russian River Pinot. Cabs were 2003 Scherrer Vineyard, and a 2006 Alexander Valley.

I didn’t taste any, I unofficially ordered some - he doesn’t have any yet.

I would like to try some 08’s before I agree with this statement. From the early frost that killed a fair amount of fruit to the forest fire and smoke issue, it seemed to be a challenging vintage.

When tasting up at Dunn in the fall of 08, they mentioned that up to 60% of fruit was lost to frost and they were truly concerned with the quality of 08. Obviously this is mountain fruit so valley floor producers probably did better.

We barrel sampled with Jeff Ames in August, and the 08s he had in barrel were fantastic.
I realize it’s a small sample size, but it’s the only one I’ve got.