Things I like about the new forum software

After I reply to a post, I can just hit the “back” button in my browser, and it’s smart enough to take me to whatever page I opened that thread from.

Individual threads look really good, clean, low clutter quotient, everything I can think of needing is easily accessible, once you know the layout and tools

This is sweet! Showing me where I had scrolled to on my last visit. Strong!


It’s a game changer. Saves tons of time you would waste scrolling and reading to find where you left off in a busy thread

Also I LOVE just being able to paste in an image and not having to fumble around with uploading, inserting etc.

I have gotten very used to that over the past 5 years with HelpScout, the support tool we use for CT. Screenshots make things so much easier when trying to answer questions etc.

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I just did a massive upload of pics in a thread in Travel, Wine and Restaurants (Dinner at Hayato in Los Angeles - #3 by ToddFrench) and it was so easy. While there’s a limit of 10 at a time I uploaded them all so quickly, they sized perfectly, and it was crazy fast

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My list of likes is quite long…some are:

  • Instant preview to the right while you type on desktop
  • Slider bar (that works on mobile, too, just click the post counter and it pops up)
  • SO fast - easy to post/comment and I’m doing much more of it as a result
  • The back end is very smart and easy to deal with
  • Search is incredibly powerful and customizable
  • Ability to mute threads or Categories/Subforums
  • Customized notifications
  • System takes you automatically to the last post you read, across all devices (which blows my mind)
  • Watching someone ‘replying’ while you are replying

I’ll come up with more, that’s off the cuff.

Is there an option you have control over to allow a preview of the actual full screen post, exactly as it will appear?


You asked this before, and I answered before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

About as close as you can get it ‘enter fullscreen composer’ for desktop

However, the system has an instant edit function so it’s not really needed to draw up a potential preview first - just quickly edit, live

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Pretty sure that’s new posts since your last visit, not how far you scrolled?

Both, actually - if you stop midway through a thread, and later return to it, it will take you to that spot

Awesome old-school emojis!

:berserker: :cheers:

Thanks to @Ju1ian_Dev1in

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And, of course, all the cool stuff Todd listed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some of the features really are pretty slick.

how does one mute a thread, and does it mean it doesn’t show up on the landing page at all?

the Bell gives you that option (same for Categories/subforums)

Honestly, play around, you’ll find all kinds of functions. Click stuff, hover-over stuff, see what this site does!

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Neal is an originalist. If it wasn’t there on the very first day in 2009… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I were an originalist, I’d give a damn about what the Founders thought

I like that links open in a new tab.

I LOVE that the back button/swipe right on the linked tab closes that tab and takes me back to where I was. You fixed the single most annoying thing about the old site. Something that made me grin and bear it multiple times a visit. Thank you!

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Site doesn’t log me out multiple times per day no matter how many times I clear my cache.


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